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Haakeri Dolomiiditööstus

About Enterprise

The main field of activity is dolomite precessing. We have of material wich has the oldest and the most beatiful mineral structure comes from the Selgase dolomite mine.

Selgase dolomite is well-processed and is used for making windowsills, boards for flowers, cornices, poles, fireplaces, external walls, pales, postaments, gravestones, wall and floor plates, notice boards, souvenirs, stairs and flowerpots.

Decorative dolomite permeates in a 0,8-1,0 meter clean layer at a mineral deposite. There have been studies about the suitability of decorative dolomite for gravel but as to the uniqueness of the rock this is not the calculable field of its application. Decorative dolomite is easily abraded but not polished. However, it is possible to process it with a special varnish which results in a polish-like result.

When evaluating dolomite’s persistency as a finishing material in twenty-year-old buildings, it can be said that it justifies itself as an inner decoration material. The same can be said about the outer finishing.

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